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The Wolfpack Clothing brand was established in 2015 in northern Slovakia in Kysuce. The name came from our main idea, where we wanted to show something we were really close to since our childhood. The mountains, forests, rivers and the animal we are surrounded with. One of these animals is the wolf, which we look up to as a symbol of the forest and thats why we choose him to be the symbol of our brand. You can see this in our designs where you can mainly find animal or forest related designs, which are created with our specific style.

Wolfpack Festival stand

Because we wanted to be unique, over the time we started drawing tee’s designs in darker way as was the custom. We try to incorporate elements of metal, tatto, art, horror and nature, from snoch was created our unique and unmistakable concept. Our handwriting is clearly visible on every designs and on the tee it looks like a real tattoo. And at the same time we cannot fail to mention that the overwhelming majority of our designs is drawn on paper in the intial phase. Behind each drawing is many hours of work, and of course this is not the end, since graphic editing is still needed. We try to make every design as detailed as possible, unique and that you are satisfied 100% with it.

Wolfpack Festival stand

Our goal is to make our pack grow and find more people who would want to be a part of us and have the same passion for nature, tattoos and art as we do.

So if you are looking for a high quality brand with beautiful nature related designs, which you can present not only in the mountains, city but especially at concerts or festival, join us and be a part of our wolfpack.

Wolfpack Festival stand

„If you call one wolf, you invite the pack“

Founder: Lukáš Jašurek (@inked.wolf)

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